Arugula, Strawberry and Kohlrabi Salad

arugala kohlrabi salad 2

So I don’t get to Fairway too often, but I did have the chance to be there this week.  Wow, what a produce selection.  I wanted to buy everything.  It was so colorful, vibrant and fresh.  I did pick a few things out that I wasn’t sure what I would do with, but I did put together this delicious salad of interesting ingredients, which I think you will enjoy!  The arugula, which I love, has a peppery bite, and the kohlrabi is a cross between jicama and a radish.  It adds a delicious and refreshing crunch.  The sweetness of the strawberry and pomegranate is a perfect foil, complemented by the toasty hazelnuts.   Let me know what you think!

Arugula, Strawberry and Kohlrabi Salad

3.5 oz. baby arugula

2 kohlrabi bulbs, peeled, and diced

2 C. quartered strawberries

seeds of 1 pomegranate

1/3 C.  chopped hazelnuts, toasted

1/4 C. balsamic vinegar

1/4 C. olive oil

2 Tbsp. silan (date syrup) or other sweetner

Combine all salad ingredients in a bowl, and toss gently.   Combine vinegar, oil and silan, in a small container and shake vigorously.  Pour over salad just before serving.

Arugala kohlrabi salad 1